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— Tuesday Date Night —

to share

—  Mackerel Toasts —
Salmoriglio, toasted almonds, grana padana

— Roasted Cauliflower —
Cacio e Pepe style, pecorino, black garlic, lemon, prosecco cured egg yolk

— Chilled  Asparagus —
Green peppercorn sabayon, sieved egg, bottarga, sour dough crouton

 — Wood Oven Turnips —
Tuna sauce, trout roe, turnip green pesto

an entree each


—  Margherita Pizza—
Mozzarella, red sauce, basil, fleur de sel, extra virgin olive oil

— Calabrese Pizza —
Tomato sauce, parmesan, provolone

— Spring Onion and Fava Pizza —
Smoked ricotta, pecorino, chive


 — Rigatoni White Bolognese —
Veal, pink peppercorn, pecorino

 — Spaghetti All’Amatriciana —
San Marzano, guanciale, pecorino

 — Spaghettini Cacio e Pepe —
Black peppercorn, pecorino, grana padano

to share

— Zeppole —
Buttermilk ricotta donut, marsala zabaglione

— Chocolate Budino —
 Whipped lemon curd, D.O.P. Frantoi Cutrera extra virgin olive oil, fleur de sel

— Carrot Cake —
 Anise hyssop meringue, cream cheese, pickled raisin

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