Our Team

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Executive Chef Laine Myers


Laine opened celebrity chef Mike Isabella's contemporary Italian restaurant, Graffiato, in 2014 where she worked as a sous chef until late 2016, featuring collaborative dinners with chef's such as Kevin Sbraga, and Marjorie McBradley.   In early 2017, she began working for two-time James Beard nominated chef Brittanny Anderson of Metzger Bar & Butchery where she took on the sous chef role.  During her time there she honed in her skills of creativity, leadership, and fabrication of ingredients.  In the Summer of 2018, she competed in Broad Appetit's "Iron Chef" competition on behalf of Metzger,  and won. Her main culinary inspiration from childhood came from her grandmother, Elisabeth, of Ulm, Germany in Bavaria, who always had a earnest and sincere sense of hospitality.  She doted on her guests with dishes such as Brisket and Spaetzle, braised cow tongue, and gingerbread, to name a few.  However, Laine's style stems from cuisines emphasizing bold Mediterranean/Caspian and Western European flavors. In her free time, she enjoy's hiking, playing guitar, reading about the service industry, spending time with her partner, and adoring her little dachshund/chihuahua, ZsaZsa.

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Sous Chef Evan Carpin


Evan has worked for Nota Bene since it's mobile wood-fired oven inception in 2011. He has proven to be an up-and-coming talent:  intuitive, creative, and hardworking. His contributions to Nota Bene have been key to its success. 



It started with Pizza Club in our back yard in 2010. Moved to the farmer's market with our mobile wood fired oven, breakfast pizzas and pizza packets. We had a retail presence at Ellwood Thompsons, Relay Foods and Little House (to name a few). Eventually we started doing catering and food truck events. All of it landed us here with a brick and mortar. We have changed quite a bit from our Pizza Tonight days and we continue to learn and grow. When I'm not in the restaurant I like to travel and eat all the food with my friends, husband Joe, and kids. At home you can find me in the garden and hanging out with our furry family, Chairman, Lewis, and Ruben.